Great weather and great hockey

Well, it’s the end of January and seems to be warming up a bit here, slowly but surely! It’s been bike-able in the mornings (I define bike-able as over 40F/5C, which seems to be my threshold), and downright beautiful in the afternoons, getting up to 72F/20C on a frequent basis. I was running some errands this afternoon and (ecstatically) put the top down!!

2013-01-31 15.48.21


Last weekend we decided that instead of a hike we’d go for a long bike ride. We chose the Coyote Creek trail because it was close, paved, had good reviews, and we could go a total of 35 miles / 56km round-trip if we wanted to. Nick chose to ride his single speed, so we knew we wouldn’t go the full distance, but we made it much farther than we thought – we got all the way to the 10.5 mile marker (17km) and back! Next time we will try to ride to Morgan Hill, where there are wineries :-9

I took some pics on our route:

2013-01-27 15.16.57 HDR
We helped (ok actually Nick helped) a cyclist change his tire. While they were doing that I snapped a pic of our bikes. I’ll let you decide whose is whose.

photo 1
Nick on the path ahead of me and those gorgeous Cali hills and blue sky.

photo 2
A ranch we passed along our route, along with some palm trees.

photo 3
Nick waiting for me, as usual.

Also, we went to see a Sharks game on Tuesday!! It was SO much fun. Nick met me right after work and we walked down to a pub that was conveniently placed halfway between my office and the Shark Tank. A friend of ours kindly loaned us two Sharks jerseys, so we even looked the part!

2013-01-29 19.00.25


It was an amazing game – the Sharks won in a shootout, and they were playing their rivals the Ducks, so the crowd was pretty lively. We had nosebleed seats, but a great birds-eye view:

2013-01-29 19.48.43


The most fun part was the “chant” they do during a Power Play – they pretend as though their arms are a sharks mouth. Here’s a helpful tutorial on how to be a Sharks fan, in case you were wondering.

That’s it for now…this weekend we are headed to San Francisco for some delicious eats, walking around some gorgeous neighbourhoods, a tour of Alcatraz, and maybe participate in some Super Bowl craziness on Sunday! Go Niners!!!


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