March Updates

I’m cooking some collard greens right now!! Using this recipe. It smells absolutely DIVINE. I’ve never had collard greens before – I guess they’re a southern American thing – but the way that these smell, I think I could love them!!

Another thing that we really love here are food trucks and Mexican Coke, which is made with sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup. I guess this shouldn’t make any difference, but there definitely is some kind of different flavour about it! I don’t know if I would say it tastes more “natural”, but it’s a different taste from regular Coke- I would say less sweet, and with more “spiciness”, almost like it’s mixed with a little like root beer or dr pepper.


We also went for a long bike ride last weekend, up in Half Moon Bay. It was an amazing sunny day (of course) and a great ride, except I had to cut us short – I have trouble with long climbs, and this route had a pretty brutal one near the end. Next time we’ll do it backwards so we do the mean climb while I still have some energy.

You can’t really tell, but the middle picture below is of a rooster crossing the road. There were all these chickens hanging around outside this farm – I must have cracked myself up for 5 minutes (you know, why did the chicken cross the road??). Yes I am the lamest person you will ever meet.

2013-03-24 12.50.54 2013-03-24 13.56.12 2013-03-24 14.00.44


We have a busy few months coming up. First, we’re heading to JAMAICA!!!!!! for the wedding of one of our closest friends. Nick and I are both getting REALLY excited.


Then, we’ve got some of Nick’s family coming to visit. It’s going to be awesome seeing some family and introducing them to our new stomping grounds! Touring wineries, and fish tacos are definitely both on the menu.

Then, a couple of days after they leave, I (Pam) am off to New Zealand to visit my grandmother for 3 weeks! My grandmother has lived in New Zealand since approximately 1977, and over the past 5 years I’ve been trying to visit her as often as I can. She’s an amazing woman and it’s wonderful to be able to spend time with her, listening to her stories and playing Scrabble (actually getting my ass kicked at Scrabble). And of course, the fact that it’s in NZ doesn’t hurt either 🙂 This time around, I’m going to try to see the Fox Glacier, and hit up a wine tour, and maybe even pop over to Australia for a few days.

And finally, after I get back from NZ, it’s just a couple of months until another close friends’ wedding back in Ottawa – we’re looking forward to being back home in the summertime, since last time we were home, the Snow Gods saw fit to completely dump on us!!

Seems like this year is just going to fly by – in fact, it already is flying by – can you believe it’s almost April??



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