Of Sports, Halloween, Brunch Spots, and Self-Driving Cars

Brunch with family: Two of Nick’s family members were in town last weekend, so of course we met up with them.

Aunt J, Uncle T, N, & P in front of our little blue house.
Aunt J, Uncle T, N, & P in front of our little blue house.

We went for brunch at the Naglee Park Garage, which is an amazing spot with a unique, cozy atmosphere about a mile away from our house. Nick and I had been there for dinner a few times, and the food was always fantastic, and sure enough brunch didn’t disappoint.

Football: Nick and I and two of our friends went to see a SJSU football game last weekend! It was pretty fun – SJSU came from behind to win against the Wyoming Cowboys,  and since it was the homecoming game, there were fireworks afterwards. The only silly thing was that apparently in California they do not sell alcohol in college stadiums! What’s up with that?? I guess because it’s likely that at least half of the students aren’t yet 21 and therefore can’t drink, but still.

SJSU Spartans vs Wyoming Cowboys
SJSU Spartans vs Wyoming Cowboys

The best part of the game was when one of the SJSU players literally jumped over one of the Cowboys. There’s a video here – start around the 8:50 mark if the link doesn’t do it for you – but it’s hard to see from this angle.

BasketballI was lucky enough to be invited to Adobe’s private suite at the Warriors vs Lakers opening game on Wednesday! It was an amazing experience. I had no idea that basketball was such a big deal here. The Warriors fans – including all my colleagues up in the suite – were full of spirit. There were also two court side seats on the Lakers bench that four of the biggest Warriors fans were privileged enough to occupy for the night – I saw some of the photos that they took and heard their accounts of the game – to be up so close must have been unbelievable (you can see two of them in the shot below – the guy taking the picture and the guy in the grey sweater beside him).

Golden State Warriors vs LA Lakers
Golden State Warriors vs LA Lakers

Here’s the highlights from that game (Warriors crushed the Lakers): 

Montara Mountain Hike: Nick and a friend went on this hike while I was at work, so I can’t speak to the hike itself, but this shot was so beautiful I just had to share it.

Love that blue, blue ocean.
Love that blue, blue ocean.

Halloween Pumpkins: Nick and I both carved pumpkins for Halloween (side note for future candy-shopping N&P: we got about 90 kids this year). Can you guess whose is whose? 😉

2013-10-31 18.40.25

2013-11-01 12.50.23

Nick saw a self-driving Google car! Not sure what a self-driving car was doing parked…surely not stopping for a coffee??

For those unfamiliar with these things, Google has invented a self-driving car that uses cameras and lasers to avoid obstacles. I’ve never seen one but apparently they’re pretty common around the Bay Area these days. Nick took a photo, which is below – the thing on top spins really quickly and is probably the source of the lasers.

Google car
Google car

Finally, here’s a neat video of the self-driving car that will absolutely blow your mind:


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